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BPC-2 Cement Batcher Dust Collector:


  •   Pulse Jet type collector, rated at 210 cfm with a 99.99 % cleaning efficiency.      
  •   Rectangular design with the complete pulsing system located in the removable lid allowing for easier cartridge replacement.
  •   Single compartment with (2) 5.5/8” x 20” top entry cartridges with a total of 26.4 sq. ft. of filtration area.
  •   Exterior air manifold with filter / regulator connection and moisture drain valve.
  •   (1) ¾” solenoid valve is externally mounted for easy maintenance.
  •   (1) filter/regulator is externally mounted and preset at the factory to 100 psi. A ½” quick connect air fitting for ½” air tubing is furnished. 
  •   90 – 100 psi air supply is furnished by the customer.
  •   Mount flange for customer installation.
  •   The BPC-2 is designed to operate on its own and all cycle times are adjustable. Upon powering up the control system, the cycle timer will initiate a standard cleaning cycle.  The control timer is set at the factory for a 30 millisecond blast of air every 15 seconds. 
  •  Wired and tested at the factory prior to shipments.
  •   Customer is responsible for the 110-volt power supply.
  •   Painted with two-part polyurethane in grey, white or tan.