•   Designed to return reclaimed material from a central dust collector to the cement or flyash silo.
  •   If the central collector is utilized for both cement and flyash, the reclaimed material is returned to the flyash silo.  If the central collector is utilized for cement only, the reclaimed material is returned to the cement silo.


  •   7.1/2 H.P. blower system complete with TEFC motor, motor coupling, sleeve, blower, 2” check valve, 2” inlet filter, 2” relief valve, blower coupling and safety guard.


  •   The 7.1/2 H.P. blower and motor are factory mounted on a heavy-duty steel structural support.
  •   Heavy duty steel collection pod, factory fabricated with a 6” or 8” flange.  Designed to bolt up to the customer’s existing flange underneath the discharge gate. Please reference the option section of this quote for the optional discharge gate and flanges.
  •   3” access port with plug on the top side of the collection pod.
  •   3” collection pod blow thru pipe is fabricated with a 2” hose connection on the inlet side and a 3” cam-lock connection on the outlet side.
  •   Complete 2” piping package including the 2” hose from the blower to the collection pod.
  •   3” x 14’-0” hose assembly from the collection pod to the customer furnished return line.
  •   3” return line is the responsibility of the customer.


  •   Painted with two-part polyurethane in the customer choice of grey, white or tan.
  •   Installation is the responsibility of the customer.

Chiparoc, LLC is pleased to offer the following option:

  Control / Stand-Alone :

  •   Self-contained NEMA 12-4 control panel
  •   Motor starter and required hardware.
  •   Easy access Start / Stop buttons on the face of the control panel.
  •   Rotary type disconnect on the face of the control panel for emergency stop and safe access.
  •   Control transformer.
  •   Adjustable digital timers for variable cycle settings
  •   Timers are preset at the factory.
  •   Control will cycle the system with operator selectable intervals
  •   Pre-wired and tested prior to shipment.
  •   Required 480 V – 3 Phase electrical supply is the responsibility of the customer.
  •   Installation and all field wiring is the responsibility of the customer.

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7.1/2 H.P. Recycle System / Stand-Alone

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