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Weighed Water System / 500 Gallon


  •   Standard batcher type system for a continuous supply of water allowing for a quicker water charge.
  •   Designed with two independent units that bolt together to make a single system.
  •   The surge tank is fabricated with 3/16” plate with a heavy-duty support structure designed to bolt together with the batcher support structure.
  •   The 500-gallon surge tank is complete with a 3” inlet system which includes a 3” butterfly valve and actuator with solenoid. Inlet system installation by customer.
  •   The surge tank utilizes a float switch to help ensure that an adequate supply of water is available.
  •   Surge tank 4” discharge system complete with butterfly valve and actuator with solenoid to feed the water batcher. Installation by customer.
  •   The 500-gallon batcher tank includes (3) “S” type load cell package including the summing box and mounting hardware.
  •   A 6” discharge system includes a butterfly valve actuator with solenoid, roof vent and a ½” vacuum line allows for a fast and efficient discharge. Solenoid installation by customer.
  •   Customer choice of two-part polyurethane paint in grey, white or tan.
  •   Water supply and discharge piping to the discharge point are the responsibility of the customer.
  •   Customer is responsible for installation.
  •   Customer is responsible for all electrical and pneumatic requirements.

Chiparoc, LLC is pleased to offer the following option(s):

  • Safety Deck / Access Walkway
  •   Access walkway on one side and across the back side of the batcher unit.
  •   Bar grate decking with handrails and toe board.
  •   Access to the walkway is the responsibility of the customer.
  •   Customer is responsible for installation