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CPC-2054 Stationary Central Dust Collector / Upgrade Package


  •   Reverse pulse jet, high pressure cleaning system with a 99.9% cleaning efficiency.
  •   1286 Sq. Ft. filtration area.
  •   Rated at 7600 CFM @ 8” static pressure.
  •   Same structural and housing specifications as the CPC-2040.
  •   20 H.P. TEFC direct drive fan rated at 7600 CFM (@ 8” H2O / Sea level / 70 F).
  •   Same fan mount as the CPC-2040.
  •   (20) 8.1/4” x 54” cartridges for a total of 1286 square foot filtration area.
  •   Same 7.1/2 H.P. Recycle System and Automatic Rescue System as the CPC-2040


  •   Single compartment 10-gauge steel housing.
  •   (2) Top access hinged doors for easy access to filter media.
  •   Safety ladder from base to the collector roof. Ladder top will telescope down for travel.
  •   (2) 14” dust inlets with angle iron mounts. (1) located on each side of the housing for ducting.
  •   High inlet compartment entry along with a full-length baffle plate greatly reduces the dust loading on the filter media, extending the filter life.
  •   Collection hopper with inspection door and pneumatic vibrator.

Drive / Pulse System:

  •   15 H.P. TEFC direct drive fan rated at 5600 CFM (@ 8” H2O / Sea level / 70 F).
  •   Fan is mounted on a separate bolt-on structural support for easier travel and installation.
  •   Fan with the flanged inlet is tied directly to the collector housing.
  •   (20) 8.1/4” x 40” cartridges for a total of 991 square foot filtration area.
  •   (4) 1” solenoid valves mounted on a heavy-duty air manifold.
  •   Filter / Regulator with gauge.
  •   Minihelic gauge allows a visual reference of filter media condition.
  •   90 – 100 PSI air supply is the responsibility of the customer.

Automatic Rescue System:  

  •  A rotary type bin level indicator is factory mounted and factory wired in the side wall of the collection hopper.
  •   This system utilizes proprietary PLC software to alert the operator of a collection hopper overfill issue from the bin level indicator and begin running the automatic recycle system in an accelerated mode to clear out the overfill.
  •   A panel mounted red light which is activated by the hopper bin indicator.
  •   A panel mounted yellow light indicates the system is running in “Auto Rescue Mode”
  •   The recycle system will automatically return to the regular recycle mode 30 minutes after the red light clears.


  •   Designed to automatically cycle the filter cleaning pulse.
  •   Self-contained NEMA 4 control panel for the motor starter and disconnect.
  •   Adjustable digital control for air pulse duration and cycle times.
  •   Prewired and tested prior to shipment.
  •   Electrical supply is the responsibility of the customer.


  •   Customer choice of two-part polyurethane paint in grey, white or tan.
  •   All required installation is the responsibility of the customer.