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Desiccant Tanks

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  • Maximum Allowable Working Pressure is 250 psig @ 200 Degrees F.
  • Minimum Design Metal Temperature is -20 F. @ 250 psig.
  • Designed capacity of 500 lbs desiccant to remove moisture from air systems, providing protection to integral plant components.
  • 2" inlet. 
  • 2" outlet is complete with a 2" close nipple, 2" tee, 2" x 1/4" bushing and a 1/4" x 200 psi brass relief valve. 
  • 6" material inlet is complete with a 150# cover flange, gasket and bolt kit.
  • Desiccant is sold separately in 50 lbs. bags and is available from Chiparoc.

Chiparoc Desiccant Dryer:

  • ASME Code stamped and National Board registered.
  • Tank Dimensions are 24" O.D. x 56.1/2" Height
  • Overall Height with support stand is 68.1/2"

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