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Normal Air Capacity (CFM) 

396 Sq. Ft.

Chiparoc, LLC is pleased to offer the following option(s):

Minihelic Gauge Package 

  • Will give a fast and easy visual status of the filter media based on pressure difference without the need to open the collector and pulling the cartridges.
  •   (2) brass adaptors
  •   (10’) air line
  •   Will be shipped loose for customer installation.

Access Deck

  •  Allows faster and easier access to the filter media.
  •  Heavy duty steel construction.
  •  Pivots up and out of the way when not utilized.

Min. Design Efficiency 

2400 CFM


(6) 8" X 54"

Number of Cartridges 

Reverse Pulse Jet

400 Sq. Ft.

Total Filtration Area Sq./Ft. 

Cleaning Mechanism

Reverse Pulse Jet


SPC - 8

1745 CFM


(8) 8" X 40"

SPC - 654